bog table

Who says furniture has to be made out of wood, metal or plastic? Furniture is one of the most versatile products in the world and this concept was developed to show people anyone can create a piece of furniture.

Our houses and gardens are filled with things that can make perfectly functional furniture with some quirky aesthetics. No one is saying they will satisfy everyone's taste or needs but they will certainly create some conversation.

In years gone by milk crate tables and shelving units made of concrete blocks and scaffolding planks were the norm, maybe its time for us to have some fun again and use what we have to hand, you never know what you might create.

As for the bog table, its a simple concept made exciting with a dash of colour, would you have this in your home?

Designer: Davin Larkin

Materials: Toilet rolls , wrapping paper, glass top

Dimensions: 700mm x 700mm x 380mm