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Aer Series - Airport Seating  
Aer Series Terminal Seating Image

Aer series is a modular furniture system for airport terminals. The design looks specifically at the problems of delayed passengers and how comfort can be improved during their stay. The seats were designed as my final project for my Bachelors degree in NCAD.

The design offers a range of seating positions. These positions range from a formal upright seat to a relaxing posture for snoozing. The design aims to provide a seat for all purposes. Snoozing, working, communicating, and sitting are just a few

An article was published on my design in Issue 4, 2006 of the Commercial Property and Interiors magazine in Ireland. Visit the press section to see the article.

Each seat offers a unique curved head support to take the weight off your shoulders while you wait for your flight, a side table for every user with suitcase storage underneath, and a separate footrest that does not interfere with normal seating positions but offers many variations.


Materials: Stainless steel, Plywood, Leather

Dimensions: 1600 x 1400 x 1300mm (2 Seater)